How to get rich when everyone else is getting rich (Rules for wealth)

How to get rich when everyone else is getting rich (Rules for wealth) Success and wealth are available to everyone, even to people with a low income.You don't need to earn millions (or hundreds of thousands) in order to become rich. To do this, you don't need to be a celebrity or a state employee — you don't even need to be a "superior" in any way.In this article, we will talk about how the most ordinary person can permanently get rid of financial problems and find prosperity.1) Understand what "wealth" isA successful person has certain "professions" that they specialize in. So, being rich is not a shame. The only shame is that you don't know what "wealth" is supposed to be like. Wealthy people are used to spending their time and energy on achieving their goals. Their financial goals are aligned with their actions.As a result, they become richer every day.The problem is that in order to get rich, it is not enough to earn a lot.You have to be rich in some way, have a lot of money, be a professional, etc.Wealth is something that comes to you, something that you, by obtaining through your hard work and regular investments.What you should pay special attention to:1) Different levels of "wealth"The fact is that the rich are not those who have an impressive amount of money. The rich are those who know how to manage their finances correctly and are not afraid to say what they need money for (extremely important here, because people with lower incomes do not have time to save and invest).So pay special attention to:the complexity of any investment;the minimum amounts required for retirement and regular investments;the ability to effectively invest money;financial literacy.2) Increase your incomeHow to increase your income?This question is usually raised in two ways:either in self-employment (starting with the simplest salary and working your way up)andthe ability to quickly increase your earnings;if you are currently working at a job that does not allow you to increase your income;how you can find additional earning opportunities;how much money you have free money (if you have a stable income, which you can invest and increase).If you still do not have "money" to increase your income, then you should take a closer look at the "compound interest" feature of the so-called "passive income".In in this case, you become the owner of several financial instruments, which will gradually turn into your own capital (the income from which will be fully realized). earnings).3) how To "make friends" with moneyYes, Yes!You heard right! You can increase your income with the help of various financial and non-financial literacy programs.In particular, read any book on personal Finance and how to increase it.And if you do