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Example of short argumentative essay on gay marriage for college students.

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The concept of gay marriage brings with it many ethical problems. Students are given essays on gay marriage as homework. Essays on pro-gay marriage help students with their homework and are given by experts. These essays could be like argumentative essays on gay marriage and critical essays. The following is an example of an essay on gay marriage for students to use as an example for their homework. Students can also find the conclusion of the essay on gay marriage at the end of the sample.


The concept of gay relationship and their marriages to make them a legal form in the country came at the end of the 20th century. More and more countries are beginning to give gay couples the status of legal partners. But atrocities against these couples for ethical and religious reasons were very high. People in society do not accept these couples as gay relationship partners. As a result, many atrocities and discrimination came to light against gay couples. There are still many countries in the world that do not support the relationship between two people of the same sex.
Thesis statement.
Gay marriages should be considered legal throughout the world for a person’s personal freedom.
Main body.
The problems of homosexual couples must be dealt with on a large scale so that their rights to personal freedom are not curtailed. There are many cases in which these people have to suffer a lot for their identity. Here are some issues that gay marriage couples face after and before their marriage.
There is no recognition by governments as a couple.
The biggest discrimination against gay couples is that they don’t get any government recognition in many countries. Although there are many countries that have taken a good step in favor of the gay couple. But all of these countries are mostly developed countries. Developing countries are still in line to make such marriages as law.
Discrimination by Society for ethical reasons.
When a couple is not recognized by the government for legal reasons, society does not accept it either. As a result, these people also have to face discrimination on that ground. Such people remain part of the fun of society that does not understand and empathize with the emotions of the gay couple.
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Physical violence against such people.
Many incidents of physical violence against the gay couple have been noted in many regions and countries. This is because society and people who do not accept these couples believe that they are destroying the atmosphere of society. Society tries to punish and exclude such people considering them as a disgrace. Some cases denote the death of couples also due to atrocities against them.

Social exclusion in some counties and regions.

The problem does not end here, additional social marginalization becomes the extreme step in which some elders or the region make the decision of social marginalization in some countries. Of course, there are countries and people who support this act of marriage between two people of the same gender. But many of them are not willing to accept this reality too.
How to cancel the matter with a great deal.
Here are some tips that can help reduce the atrocities that are committed against gay couples in different societies around the world.
Legalization of the Gay Marriage Law – Legalizing gay marriages can be a good solution. There are counties that have already taken this step. But complete success could be obtained when each country implements the gay marriage law. It can save gay couples’ right to personal freedom as well. Punishment of society that engages in violence against gay couples – Those who engage in violence against gay people should be punished by the government. No one has the right to kill and murder anyone. There must be equality and adequate freedom in society,so that everyone can live happily. Special protection rights for the couple in the beginning – As the issue of gay marriage is at its peak, the government must provide certain safeguards for the couple in the initial days of their marriage. This period could be from one year to an extended period of five to six years depending on the situation.


We can conclude the essay by saying that the legalization of gay marriages, along with the due safeguard to protect their rights, must be enacted by the government. It will be an act of safeguarding the human rights of a person along with his personal freedom. It is always very crucial for human beings to live a life of their choice. If two people are happy with each other by tying to the marriage bond, society and government should not have their interference in a negative way.
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