Women Empowerment Essay – Meaning And Importance


Essay on the empowerment of women.

Essay on the empowerment of women: Emancipation, strategies and challenges.

In India, women have rights that they can exercise because of their equal status, but sadly, in reality, society has many misconceptions about these government-passed laws. The religious customs and beliefs that people follow make them unfair to women or girls. It is crucial that we wake up and take responsibility for these issues such as the number of headlines related to rape, kidnapping and murder of girls after sexual intercourse. It is crucial to solve these problems at the root and eradicate them before the matter becomes difficult to control. Increasing the number of suicides and deaths of women, preventing them from educating themselves and other factors of this type will ultimately affect the country’s population in the long term.

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Importance of women’s empowerment Need for women’s empowerment in India Issues and issues facing women Role of government.

Essay on the empowerment of women.

The empowerment of women is to grant women the freedom to make the life decisions necessary for themselves. Patriarchal society in most countries has been the main reason for discrimination against women in most countries around the world. Even if 50% of the population is made up of women, women’s rights and authority to make a decision are denied. Therefore, the empowerment of women has not been fully accepted by most countries, and this is becoming an important issue in the overall development of a nation. Preventing women from the rights they deserve will diminish the status of a country in the future.

  1. Importance of women’s empowerment.

The importance of women’s empowerment is further highlighted by the rights and laws passed by the Government.

  1. Individual rights – Women must have the freedom to share and express their opinion. Individual empowerment can be achieved by building self-confidence and making the right decisions. Therefore, it is essential that women are aware of their rights and their social position.
  2. Empowerment of women’s education- Education plays an important role in social, economic and political spheres where gender equality should be given more preference than in the current situation. It is also crucial that women and men obtain the same opportunities, rights and facilities when it comes to finding the desired career.
  3. Economy and occupation – It is vital to reduce women’s financial dependency by introducing significant changes in human resources. The family and society can opt for a better lifestyle if women are encouraged to dedicate themselves to the construction of country houses or small businesses.
  4. 4. Awareness of legal knowledge – There is an effective legal structure that supports the empowerment of women and the importance of spreading awareness among women. It can be used to reduce the gap between the preference given to men and women.
  5. 5. Political empowerment – The participation of women in politics related to the decision-making process should be encouraged. The laws passed to support the empowerment of women are as follows:

Article 14 – Equality Article 16, paragraph 2 – Equality of opportunities Article 23 – Prohibition of trafficking in human beings and forced labor Article 39 a) – Both men and women are equally entitled to sufficient means of subsistence Article 40 ( after the 73rd Amendment) – Reserve 1/3 of the seats in the Gram panchayats for women Article 42 – Better working conditions for women and sufficient maternity leave Article 51 A e) – One of the duties of every citizen it is to renounce the practices that threaten the dignity of women.

  1. Need to empowerwomen in India.

Although the Government has introduced different initiatives to empower women in India, it is assumed that women are at various levels in different spheres. At social, political and economic gatherings, there has been notable discrimination regarding the participation of women. Only a certain number of women are seen working in such scenarios, and this number has to increase now and should be equal to that of men.

Women’s education has been a crucial topic of discussion for a long time and the government has often played a significant role in improving it. Even after pressing efforts, it has been observed that the overall literacy rate of men is higher compared to that of women during the census calculated each year.

Aside from these long-term goals, there have been numerous incidents of rape, kidnapping, dowry and harassment cases every day. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce poverty, eliminate violence against women and start a quality education. Apart from this, it is essential to spread awareness among women so that they are self-empowered. It can bring substantial positive change in a very limited period.

  1. Issues and problems that women face.

Listed below are the myriad challenges women in India face: –

  1. Abortion of female babies is one of the most common and disturbing problems that have been practiced for a long time in India. It is carried out after determining the sex and by trained medical professionals who promote this type of action.
  2. Sexual harassment of girls has been the subject of numerous headlines in different social media. This terrible act leads to death, suicide, and different types of prolonged illness in a girl.
  3. Dowry is another problem that has been largely resolved in India, but continues to exist in many parts of the country. The groom’s parents must understand the situations that the bride’s parents face in such scenarios.
  4. The level of education provided to women is lower than that of men, and many remain illiterate.
  5. Domestic violence affects 70% of Indian women, and negatively affects their lives. They are usually practiced by their husbands and family members or relatives.
  6. 6. Child marriages arranged by parents at an early stage to escape dowry is another major problem facing girls in rural India.
  7. Failure to provide a girl with adequate nutrition during childhood affects women in the future and has long-lasting consequences that can dramatically change their health.
  8. There are cases in which women are mistreated and have low social status in the family.
  9. 9. In some parts of their nation, widows are not respected and considered useless. It is a classic example of inequality between men and women, as men are treated well in all situations.

Apart from the contribution of the Government, it is necessary to change the perception of society on these delicate issues in order to reduce the burden and unwanted responsibility of women.

  1. 5. The role of the Government and the challenges that arise in women’s empowerment initiatives.

There are several issues, such as social norms, legal status and family structure, that create a problem for the empowerment of women in India. The main question arises from the birth of a boy, since a boy is given more preference than a girl. It has been observed that society is more inclined towards a male boy at each stage of life compared to a girl. The main reason for these kinds of beliefs that give priority to a male child comes from the traditional mindset of Indian society. Several challenges are being raised, and focusing on these issues may bring hope for better change in this area. Listed below are some of the difficulties the Government faces in resolving the empowerment of women.

If we judge this situation on the basis of the facts, then, according to a recent census, 82% of adult men are educated, while the literacy rate of womenadults is only 65% ​​in India. Therefore, it is one of the areas that you have to mainly focus on.

Poverty is not only a threat to the female population, but also a major problem within the country. Therefore, focusing on this point through the empowerment of women can bring about massive change in the nation as a whole.

Health and security:-

Health care facilities and women’s safety have been an issue for a long period. It is high time that we take this challenge seriously to make the world a better place for women.

Final thoughts.

Women’s empowerment is about empowering them to make their own decision and letting them lead independent lives. Apart from this, it also increases its contribution to society and equal importance at every point of life and the community. The empowerment of women is without a doubt the definitive solution to most of the problems that developing countries face. The empowerment of women is not only about solving the challenges that women face, but it is also an issue that is affecting most countries in different areas such as social, economic and political. Encouraging women’s participation in health, career, education and other responsibilities can bring positive change with guaranteed results.

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